Terms and Conditions

(Shuttle / Transfer Services ):
  • Road conditions and resulting traffic challenges should be taken into consideration when deciding on the time of collection.

  • Chauffeur drives/transfers will only be honored if Trax has a contact cell phone number for the passenger. On airport arrivals, a valid flight number is essential.

  • Chauffeur drives/Transfers will only be honored if the method of payment has been received and verified by Trax.

  • Any variations to the journey(s) originally booked and agreed on between Trax and the Customer may be subject to additional charges, if these changes involve extra time and/or distance being covered.

  • No hidden taxes, fees or extra charges will be payable upon completion of the transfer, except where additional waiting time and/or car parking fees have been incurred.

  • Trax reserves the right to substitute any vehicle or chauffeur/driver.

  • When a vehicle & Chauffeur is hired for two days or longer, whilst every endeavor will be made to retain the same vehicle and Chauffeur during such a period, Trax reserves the right to substitute any similar vehicle or Chauffeur.

  • Should a vehicle not be available due to breakdown or traffic conditions Trax will seek to send a replacement in a timely manner.

  • Every effort will be made by Trax to ensure that vehicle(s) arrive on time and reach destinations on time too. Trax shall not be held responsible or liable for any delays (and/or arising consequential losses) that occur.

  • Customer property is carried entirely at own risk and Trax shall not be held responsible/liable for any loss/damage to such property.

  • The Chauffeur will travel by the most appropriate route on the day, unless instructed otherwise by the Customer.

  • Trax has the right to refuse to carry any passenger who is thought to be under the excessive influence of alcohol or drugs and whose behavior poses a threat either to the Chauffeur, the vehicle or any other passenger.

  • Without prior notice Trax reserves the right to amend, change, delete or add to these terms and conditions whenever necessary. With new accounts and high value bookings Trax reserves the right to implement a 100% deposit, additional cancellation and no show fees for bookings.